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Q: Intermittent Failing on 1993 Honda Civic

This car was bought used and runs good in the city. However, on two separate occasions (two consecutive weeks) the car would lose power as it is being driven on the highway. The first time it did it, the car started to jerk every 5-10 seconds then shut off. I had it taken to the shop and the mechanic ran diagnostics and other test but could not find anything wrong with it except a code that allegedly showed a restricted fuel filter. I had them change the filter. The following week driving the same distance (from Orlando to Tampa) the car shut down again. This time, it didn't jerk, but when we to an exit and came to a stop at the light it shut off. Also this time, it started right back up and we drove it to the destination.
I have been told it could be a number of things but more than likely a sensor being triggered by the heat of the engine. What things can I look at?
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The ignition modules go out on these a lot, the main EFI relay can cause problems. The Distributor can go out, there is a ground on the thermostat housing that can get frayed and cause dying problems. These are some of the very common dying problem pattern failures for your vintage Civic that I have personally repaired dozens of times. When it dies, if there was a way to see if it had spark. If it is a distributor problem, often there is a code 15 stored. The EFI MAIN relay should be replaced every 90k. It can cause nightmare intermittent problems and most techs are unaware of its existence, unless they read a lot in IATN. The ignition coil can be a problem as well.

DON'T believe Autozone. They would not know a main relay if it bit them on the but. I am a 25 year Master Technician and have replaced about 75-100 Honda Miin EFI relays. here is link that shows how to replace a Honda Main Relay

Need i say More?
I went to autozone only to find out there is no"relay" but instead a 50 amp fuse. Should I replace the fuse? I didn't get a lot of help from the autozone folk so I'm not sure if there is a relay or not. The distributor cap and rotor button was replaced during the tune up.
every civic has a main relay and is underneath the dashboard driver side...
some accords have it by the gas pedal like behind the radio
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