Q: Intermittent Battery Light on 2005 Volkswagen Beetle

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My wife has a 2005 Beetle Turbo, we are seeing the battery light flash on occasionally, within th epast two weeks. We replaced the battery last year. I suspect this means the alternator is going bad. Any idea if my assumption is correct and how long we have before we need to replace it?
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I'd suggest to get a charging system test. It will test the alternator, battery, starter.
Looks like the alternator is going out, but better to confirm it with a test.

could be a leaky diode in the regulator of the alternator watch it closely have the alternator output checked for correct ampere and voltage.
a bad battery will not make the charging lite come on very unlikely if the lite comes on either your Alt. is defective or the belt which drives the Alt. is broken or loose A loose belt will make the lite come on for a fraction of a moment or longer depend what the load on the system is. check the belt tension than the Alternator