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Q: intermitent check engine light. when it is on, the remote start will not funtion on 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche

Just recently started having this problem. Light comes on, then after 2 or 3 short trips, light goes out and everything works normally.during the time light is on, no remote start. This cycle has repeated 3 or 4 times now. I haven't checked for any specific codes but I did check for simple fixes such as loose gas cap and obvious loose items inside engine compartment.
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Just so everyone knows that if you have a check engine light on the remote start will not work. the PCM (cars computer) Locks out the remote start function. It does this to protect the car. Take the misfire of this Chevy, it could cause the cat to melt down.
I would be concerned if I were you. I had the same issue. An intermittent check engine light that would go on and off. I also had a bit of hesitation and rough idle that came and went when the light came on. I thought it was bad gas or the gas cap.
Turns out there is a bulletin on this problem. It is related to the valve cover and oil bypassing the valve that gets clogged. This oil goes down through the cylinder, by the rings, and fouls the spark plug. Problem is that if you don't immediately take it in to the dealer, it can damage the piston and rings. the cost to repair - $4,150. The dealer stated they needed to replace the #7 piston and ring as well as add a new valve cover with a shield that deflects the oil spray. Apparently this is a known issue with the 5.3 fuel management engines. Suggest you get it in before there is more damage.
Code came up as cylinder #4 misfire. It turns out I had a bad lobe on my camshaft for the #4 cylinder. Mechanic at dealership knew it was internal as soon as he heard it. There was a bit of a tick that I had attributed to `piston slap` so commonly referred to on the 5.3's. Seems I was a bit off on that one! He tore into it on a Saturday and I had my truck back by Tuesday afternoon! New camshaft and set of lifters for the affected cylinder. GM backed it up with the 100K drivetrain warranty. Just needed to produce oil change history. No questions after that! I can't say enough about the professional job done by all involved. Mechanic highly suggested switching to full synthetic oil, which I have done. I found the silver lining in the cold bitch of a winter we just went through. I got spoiled with the remote start and when it was disabled by the thrown code, I brought it in right away. I don't know if I limited the damage or not but it runs better than ever now and I couldn't be happier. This reinforced the importance of service records for me.
Thanks to those who replied and sorry I took so long with the follow-up. Drive safe!
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