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Q: interior dome light won't turn off on 1994 Buick Century

the interior dome light and front drivers and passenger side floorboard lights won't turn off when doors are closed. They are normally activated when when lifting drivers side door handle but now are not turning of at all after door closes again.
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I have a 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada and the dome light won't go off. It's build like a Blazer and Jimmy so these instructions should apply.

After unplugging all the door switches, replacing the dimmer switch and cursing sweet jesus I took the car into a mechanic. Yes, I know the cheapest solution is to unplug the light, if you don't suffer from OCD.

The problem was the keyless entry receiver located on the same circuit.

If you have this problem first unplug each door switch to test if they're bad. Be careful not push the switch in the console or you're be really pissed off. I broke two door switches trying to take them off. They should be approximately 10 dollars to fix per switch.

Please keep in mind to replace a door switch you need to push it in from the outside if it falls into the console. You'll need to review the the wings on the door switch and it will all make sense. A simple sap. DOH!

If the switches work, then it's the dimmer.

I replaced the dimmer from ebay motors ($35) and the bastard lights STILL stayed on.

I had to move on and give it to a professional because I was royally pissed off over a friggin light.

The trip to the mechanic cost $100 and he said the keyless entry went bad. (A WHAT?) This corrected the problem since the keyless entry receiver is on the same circuit as the courtesy lights and dome.

I thought I'd pass this along if you are having any problems since I'm a certified electrical moron.

To recap.

1. Check the door switches. Instructions can be found online.
2. Check the dimmer.
3. Check any other device on the same circuit which can cause a DIRECT current and not shut off power to your lights.
4. Call an electrical mechanic who has the tools to understand a complete circuit.

Viola, all fixed. No thank you Google, you let me down.

1997 Bravada Dome Light Won't Go Off.
There is a switch in the drivers door that should inform the lighting module that the door is open or closed. The switch, the wiring from the switch to the module or the module itself may have failed. These systems can be fairly complex due to all the switches and wiring, so it may be best to have a shop take a look at this.
As the previous answer suggested, there may be more than one fix for this problem. a switch may cost you as little as $75 parts & labor. However a shop will charged diagnostics to verify your concerns. total repair should not exceed $250 for a switch
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