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Q: intaket gasket on 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a oil leak where the lower intake meets the block at rear of motor. I got a seal kit from the dealer but it doesnt include a gasket between the block and motor. The dealer said to put a 3/16 bead of silicone at that area but it didnt stop the leak,is there anywhere i can get this seal or any ideas on what i can do to stop the leak?
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The best way to stop this leak is by removing the entire intake and replacing the lower intake gasket and re-sealing with silicone on the front and back of where the intake rests. This could be what the dealer was mentioning when they told you about the bead of silicone that had to be used.
yes i already did that,but oil still pours out,it must need some kind of gasket.Iam looking for someone who has lots of expeirence with this motor ,it has some kind of manufacturing defect.and has trouble with other seals also. P.s ive also replaced the valve cover gaskets and they are dry now.Can anyone help me with this sticky issue.
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we have done many of these and never had this problem,was all the surfaces cleaned good and dry.12/8/11 when you remove intake you need to prep the surface with proper resurfacing material and clean with carb cleaner and let sit for 30 mins.use the grey silicone sealer and put a 3/8" bead of silicone along surface. let stand for 30 mins before replacing the manifold.make sure the manifold is also cleaned and prep properly.hope this helps
Thanks,now that i know you done these before 0n the 3.4 liter,I wanted to ask you about some other complications with it.You must know that the half of the valve cover surface area is a part of the intake manifold.My problem is that the two halves dont match up the intake portion of the valve cover surface is 1/8 inch lower than the head valve cover surface area.Dealer told me that something must have been machined,so i figured that i need a [ motor block] to [intake] ,gasket.but im not sure what i need ,dealer doesnt have a gasket,do you have any ideas? Car maybe just scrap metal.P.S.The valve covers dont leak despite of this situation but i thought it might be a problem with the intake to block seal because of this.
If you have oil seepage out of other seals on the motor, a clogged or stuck pcv valve COULD be causing this issue
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