Q: intake,head gasket problem on 2001 Cadillac DeVille DTS

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had diagnostic test runwith these code results: PO171,PO172 intake leak,intake leak;head gaskets blown.My question-can problem be resolved without major expense. Service manager recommended exchange motor or trade it.I love my car,give me a better senario! Car is getting terrible gas mileage(15.4)engine pulsing somewhat;has not overheated.Give this ol boy some good news(70& retired)
(1) Answer
The codes has nothing to do with blown head gasket. The intake leak could cause the gas mileage problem. How did they come to the conclusion that the head gasket blown??? Did the performed a leak down test, is the car burns coolant?
I'd get it diagnosed by an independent repair shop and see what they say.
Don't forget, the dealer wants to sell you a car.

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