Q: intake manifold gasket replacement 01 tribute 3.0l on 2001 Mazda Tribute

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Replace intake gasket complete set, nad plugs, instantly had misfiring problem. Chased problem around and it ended up being a fluke coil pack going out. Now car runs great but will have a random shutter at about 50 mph. If i just give it a little gas it will stop. So it is like i can power through it. Please help
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The only way to test a coil to see if it is bad is to move it to another cylinder if the computer in your car flags it as a misfire in that cylinder as having a misfire, move the coil to another cylinder and see if then mores the misfire to the cylinder you have moved it too. You can do a current ramp test on the coil but it requires an oscilloscope and low amp probe, nothing your likely to have at home unfortunately.
I now have checked spark, air, and injectors but i am still having the misfire. The rail seems to be delivering sufficient fuel, noid test good, and i am stumped. I would think that if it was a sensor, erg or pcv it would be a random misfire. I have'nt checked for burnt exhaust valves becaus i dont knoe how. I have done a cylynder compression test in that cyl. with a reading of 150 psi and it did not loose that compression after 30 seconds so i would think tht would rule out head gasket. Any Help?
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