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Instrument panel lights.

(2003 Chevrolet Malibu)
in Columbus, GA on April 29, 2009
My instrument panel lights went out which consists of the dashboard light, the shift gear light, and the light that lights up the control knobs on the a/c, also My check engine light came on the same time, and my parking lights, side marker lights, and the tail lights are not working.Checked the fuse for the parking lights it is blown, and keeps blowing when I replace the fuse I even tried a 20 instead of a 15 it blew also. I had a friend scan it is shows no codes he said it must be a short. Any suggestion?

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on May 01, 2009
Fix your parking lights and the dash lights should come back on. The dash lights are powered from the park light circuit. The check engine light may or may not be related to the lighting issue.
on May 03, 2009
If you must use a higher amp fuse than is called for there is something wrong with the circuit. Using a 30a instead of a 15a could cause a fire hazard - the wires in the park light circuit were designed to carry only 15 amps and can melt under the heat generated by flowing more current than the 15 amp fuse will allow. It could be one of the park light bulbs drawing to much current. Check ALL of the park light bulbs, sockets, and the wiring near each light assembly carefully. If everything looks OK then try a 15a fuse will all of the park light bulbs out of their sockets. If the fuse blows with all of the bulbs out then the fault is somewhere else in the circuit and it could be difficult for you to find the problem. If the fuse does not blow with all the bulbs out try this: With the power ON replace one bulb at a time and see what happens. If the fuse blows when you intall a bulb then that bulb or socket is the likely cause of your problem.
on May 03, 2009
**Update** I replaced my current fuse a 15 with a 30 the lights are working fine, and the check engine light has gone off. All seems to be working again just a little concerned about having to go up so high on fuses. Suggestions or ideas?
on September 02, 2009
you should remove the 30 amp fuse right away before you either fry something else expensive or actually start a fire. You must have a short somewhere that is causing you to repeatedly blow 15 and 20 amp fuses. trace the wire going from that fuse back to the source of the short if possible. yes it will be a bit slow but you can do it. You can also check your wiring diagram and see where that fuse travels too and find it that way. MY guess is that between your parking lights and the fuse block you have a short. Maybe even the a bulb socket touching something.
on May 06, 2009
Please remove that fuse, Russ is absolutely correct, this is a fire hazard! Please do it now and have the short diagnosed. This should be a relatively easy diagnosis for an experienced technician since the short appears to be permanent.
on January 26, 2010
You can find an owners manual here, and it's free:
on May 24, 2010
Hi boss ! am afraid, its a deadly short. High-rating the circuit will expose the protected electrical components to severe damage. Hence need to rectify the short.
on January 26, 2010
I purchased a used 1997 chevy cavillier and it came without a users booklet. I have a light that goes on and would like to find symbols and what they stand for before running to shop. Thank you
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