Q: instrument cluster seems to lose power and than power up while driving on 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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checked out cluter didnt see any broken wires or soldier and its not just one gauge its all at same time and when it happens all start up lights come on my questions are what wires at cluster connector are power and ground and could it be ignition switch
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its never been just one or two its always all of them, thanks for your answers, dont mean to keep asking just triing to figure out my best options iguessi will check into sending out the cluster,, most of the places ive seen are only to fix the odometer any suggestions on a place to send it
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This is the place that does all of my cluster work...Very reliable and does a great job of reconditioning....cannot tell the differance from a brand new unit. They ship all over the world. Check their website here. Company name Advance Auto Electronics (No relation to Advance auto parts)
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Good chance the problem is in the cluster itself. They can be exchanged with a reconditioned unit.
can i check power and gound at connector and would you happen to know color code of wires to do so
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