Q: instrument cluster on 2005 Chrysler 300

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I took my 05 300c to the dealer and they say it is an instrument cluster causing my car to send these malfunction signal.( i.e radio not responding, can not unlock the door with key, alarm goes off whenever if feels like it, no bus indicator stays on. They also said the pcm is going bad but that is not what the problem is, and that the pcm is for the engine not for the problem i am having.( but that is covered under warranty this instrument cluster is not) They said that replacing this instrument cluster will solve my problem of " no bus" . so one, what is an instrument cluster, and two why would my car alarm be setting of ( in my garage) randomly. I have to unplug the battery because my key is not unlocking or locking the door to shut it off.
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Hello, sorry to see you didn't get any advice here, was the Chrysler dealer able to figure out the issue with your 300?
I know your problem.My 300c has itermittent light problems on the dash,trunk release etc.With the help of a tech I diagnosed the cluster to be the problem.It is also a computer board module tha relays electrical signals to other components on the dash
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