Q: installing rear brake pads on 2005 Honda Accord

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How do you push the piston in to go over the pads? also do you need to make any ajestment to the emergence brake?
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Accord calipers along with most other Honda rear calipers do not push in. You need to spin the caliper piston Clockwise for it to retract and line up the groove so it will slide over the button on the brake pad. There is a special tool to do this but many shops just use a large flat screwdriver (you need to be careful with the screwdriver). When turning the piston, be sure the rubber boot is not sticking or twisting with the piston, you do not want it to tear. Once you've got everything back to together, pump up the pedal before starting the car and verify fluid level. I checked the parking brake after doing my rear brakes and it didn't need any adjustment. hope this helps!
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When retracting the piston into the brake caliper it is advisable to crack open the brake bleed screw at that caliper so that dirty brake fluid is not pushed from each brake caliper back into the brake master cylinder. Dirty brake fluid pushed back into the brake master cylinder during brake pad replacement may result in brake master cylinder failure. After brake pad replacement it is advisable to suction bleed or pressure bleed the brake hydraulic system.