Q: Installing new brake pads on 1997 Cadillac Seville STS

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My hubby's STS needs new brakes. What kind do we get? Is there a place online that offers them for a decent price? Where can I get instructions on how to do it? I've changed brakes on a jeep, jetta and dodge stratus before, is it very different? He says that we always have to take it in but I'm trying to save some $$$. any help is appreciated!
(1) Answer
AC Delco came standard on this STS and run about $80 for the ceramic brake pads, and you can purchase cheaper pads but they will wear quicker and probably squeal, I think autozone will print instructions for you at their store, You might find them cheaper online put if he takes it apart and they don't fit then he has to put it back together and wait for a different set, Most auto parts stores carry AC Delco