Q: installing a moveras transmission, crankshaft won't turn... on 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

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Installing a new Moveras transmission and torque coverter in my 2000 T&C 3.3 flex fuel, and once I line up the holes on the flywheel to the torque converter and tighten the bolts on the bell housing the crankshaft will not turn. Almost feels like the flywheel is rubbing up against something, maybe the inside of the bell housing? My buddy and I are perplexed
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Your torque converter has splines in it that must line up with the splines on the input shaft of the trans. The two notches on the snout of the converter must also line up with the drive lugs in the front pump.You must drop the assembly back down enough to get your hands on the converter.Sometimes you can just spin it while applying pressure inwards and it will drop in twice, which means its splined and the pump lugs are engaged.. Most likely, you will have to grasp it on the outer diameter, and rotate it slowly while applying inward pressure. You will know if its in all the way if you can bolt the trans up and still spin the converter.
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