Q: Inside lights come on and off. Door locks and unlocks all while driving. on 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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If I park, headlights and taillights blink on and off. Battery replaced and still having issues.
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I have noticed that 'sometimes' the doors will lock and unlock when hitting a bump, or turning. Not all the time, but several times.
I have been hearing a lot about the wires in the driver's door, which give me some kind of relief as I 'thought' when opening and closing the door, made it better. When driving, it's the interior lights and locks keep going on and off. When it's parked, shut off and locked is when the headlights and tailights blink on and off. Is there a temporary remedy like removing a fuse until tomorrow when I can get someone to look at it? I'm afraid it's going to drain the battery.
Well, I have it figured out. I thought it might be some kind of a disconnect in my driver's side door and when the guys looked at it, the door is barely hanging on. The frame had rusted out so the door was hanging by a thread, about to fall off!!! At welding shop right now to see if we can fix this issue. Thanks guys for the suggestions.
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