Q: inside fan for air and heater won't work on 1997 Honda Civic

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The fan for the heater and air conditioner stopped working. It started doing it about a month ago-it would work sometimes and not at other times. Now it's stopped altogether.
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There are two things that I see the most when this happens. The first being the blower motor resistors. Over time they break and the motor will stop working. The second being the blower motor itself. I have never seen a control panel fail but I'm sure it's happened so you don't want to rule that out. Your Honda's blower motor is controlled through the ground circuit (the fan switch grounds the blower motor through the resistors to control the speed). Using a volt meter and a wiring diagram you should be able to determine if it's the blower motor or the resistors.
i have a 2004 jagura x type where the heater an air condition dont come on went you turn on the switch
Sounds like the heater fan motor has failed, or it is not getting the signal from the control head to operate. Check power and ground to the motor to start and diagnose accordingly if the signals are missing.
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