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Q: Inprezna Overheats constantly. Have to keep putting water in it. Thermostat?Or?? on 1994 Subaru Impreza

We have a 1994 inprezna that we have to constantly keep putting water in it. I'm thinking this is the thermostat doing this but what is and if it is i would appreciate it if anyone could tell me the easiest way to get to the thermostat and where it is located. Appeciate any answers. Thank you.
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Yea me to but these are leakers anyway. Might be just the rad cap.
What u think. Hell we just guessing anyhow. And that is really moot!
Well i never even thought about it being the radiator cap but that's possible. Here i am trying to figure this crap out so i can maybe help my husband out a little bit. He knows nothing about cars but i know that it is a simple thing to change a thermostat and i'm the one that has to deal with no heater most of the time and i'm tired of reezing my tale off. But he has been in a rescent accident and broke his hipp so i'm just guesing too.But thank you for your feed back (:
Please don't take wetry and my remarks to seriously. We goof a lot since most of the replies we post on here don't usually get any response. I'm sorry about your husbands accident , hope he recovers quickly! He should be very proud to have a wife that is able to do what your doing. PLEASE keep us posted on your progress with the car and we'll try to assist you any way we can. After you replace the thermostat , be sure to let it warm up without the cap on until the thermostat opens and the radiator fans cycle on. then put the cap on and fill the overflow reservoir to 'full' mark and let sit overnight ,then re-check overflow and add as needed. If your unsure about the cap it would not hurt to replace it. PLEASE post any more questions you have , if any , before you start work if you're unsure of any of it.........Make sure to use the proper mix of coolant .(only said that cause your reply says you're addind water , which will cause overheating real easy........
Thank you so very much.(:I can tell you are a very kind person and i appreciate your help. (:
Nope. Not yet,but it will be if we don't get something figured out soon. The only thing that keeps it from haveing a blowed head gasket is the fact that i don't let it get too hot before i just let it cool down enough to put water in it everytime. I only drive it close to home and it does alright except for over heating a little, but not enough to hurt it.And it's worse when i have to go up hill so i try to avord hills as much as i can.Thanks for responding though.I do appreciate it (:
No offense intended, as zip stated we kid around a lot but you know sometimes in the process we actually stumble across the right thing.
However, i reckon we should try to be a bit more professional. Hope it works out for both of you! Let all of us here know if we can be of any help and we will try to assist you!
Regards,Wetry. (Good luck with everything)
Thanks for all your help. I just wanted to let yall know that it was a leak in the radiator and we just put some radiator stop leak in it and it has been doing just fine ever since,and it has been a while since we did that and no more adding water every time we go some where(:THANKS GUYS Oh yea, i would stick to proffesionalism if i were you and not be too flirty, oh what the heck, it's just the enternet. Flirt all ya want lol (:
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