2004 Infiniti QX56 Questions

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Could it be the variable blower control module?
Blend door actuator?
Front driver window does not working
Sometimes the gps screen/radio/tv work. But, when it's not, the screen stays illuminated (blank screen), even with car turned all the way off (keys out of ignition). Ultimately draining the battery.
The heat works but you can't see what's it's on or nothing
The hiss is there wheather the engine is on or not. Turn the key to ACC position and the hiss is there.
Is it true that 2004 QX56 with these codes need to have computer reprogrammed.
When I start truck stereo & navigation screen comes on sporadically... When it decides to come on everything lights up & works properly for a while before goes to a grey lit up blank screen with sound. When I turn off truck, can't turn stereo on or off. Music plays but stereo on/off buttons do not work until the screen comes back in focus. Is this a electrical problem or modular problem? Is it expensive to fix?
manualy, struts seem to hold is there an electrical sequence to ck first like fuses, relays etc
Screen is blank cannot turn on stereo ac works clock worksim stumped
The front brakes make a grinding noise that is not metal on metal when I depress the pedal. It last about as long as it takes to get to the shop and then it stops. A month later, the same thing. ABS braking system problem?
We did a self diagnosis with error codes r0107 nr0107 RE5-0
The inside handle will open the door but the outside handle will not open the door it is difficult to operate (stuck) & does not move freely and the door does not latch when trying to close.
I hear a clicking noise possibly coming from the a/c fan (blower) when fan is not in use. Noise starts when I start up the suv and sometimes while driving. The a/c or heat can be off or on and it still makes this noise. HELP!
Why does my 2004 Infiniti QX56 smells like gas when I turn it on?
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