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My engine is making a loud mettalic rattling noise but,there is no loss of power whatsoever from idle through hard acceleration. The engine runs very smooth with no shaking or hesitation at all. At one point upon very hard acceleration the noise actually stopped for several minutes but, then came back again. Does'nt make sense to me but, maybe it does to you. I would appreciate your input. Thank you: O.Smith
ac turned on max and fan on max blows strong warm air.
Clutch on compressor engages.
Set V to appropriate temp, attached gage - needle went to red area. Per instructions I proceeded to recharge. Released and checked the pressure needle stayed in the red.
I do not run the ac much as I do short 5 mile trips in stop and go traffic. For the last 3 years use the vehicle 20 miles a month. First time this year (April 2016 ) seemed less cold. Last time summer 2015 it was great.
The cable to where you shift the car melted what would cause that
Once in a while, when attempting to start, there is only one click in the ignition. If I play with it, it will eventually start. The problem is just getting more frequent. From what I've read, it is either the starter, starter solenoid, starter switch, or the Neutral safety switch. Is there any way to narrow it down?
After giving a jump all the gages are swinging back and forth, the check engine light along with all the other lights are lit on the dash, as soon as the cables are removed the car cuts off, this is the first time this has happen. Besides having a shortage in the radio speaker,and the Windows at times
I do not get A/C or heat, unless I turn on my defrost, and then it doesn't blow, so I have to turn it up higher (or lower for A/C) to get anything. What could be the problem?
what are thew costs associated with new or used engine for a 2003
For tuneup, I'm buying 6 spark plugs and 6 coil - in boots. Do I need to also buy 6 ignition coils or just 1?
Code P1456 appears what does that mean
Service Engine Soon Light came on and it was checked by a local mechanic. He indicated that it was code P1456. He also told me it could be several different things and wanted to charge me lots of money to do diagnostics. What does code P1456 mean for this vehicle?
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