2002 Infiniti QX4 Questions

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What would make a qx4 positive terminal spark
My 2000 and2 Q for crying but don't start the security light stay on I try to run the car with two keys the regional one and the spare
The battery is bad maybe that's the problem ?
I turn key, all dash lights come on, I hear one click but starter motor doesn't activate.
it doesnt misfire often, but when it does it runs rough and the gas mileage is less even when it isnt riding rough or making the service engine light blink,
I drive an infiniti qx4 2002 and of recent my car stops intermittently when am driving that I have to switch to neutral and restart while on motion. Sometimes it Jerks before stopping and after restarting, it still stops again while still in motion. This mostly occurs when changing from gear 2 to 3. Pls a candid advice.
I got my 2002 QX4 a month ago and did oil change immediately. But have noticed that it runs out of oil to quick. About a week or two after the oil change it showed the oil light, and I had to fill it up with a whole 5qts can. What could be the problem?
Why does my 2002 qx4 have no take off. When I try and pass somebody or take off from a red light it Seems to spider and then eventually starts to take off what could it be does anyone know?
Just bought this few days ago . ran good till last nite, went to crank it and it wouldn't go into gear, then after 40 mins finally went into gear and now its missing and engine light is flashing?
The infiniti went for repairs and after testing, the gear hose to radiator bust. we fixed the hose and replace the gear oil. the vehicle when start does not move, but when I put it to gear 1 it move.
My doors will not unlock unless the engine is running, the trip odometer goes to 0 whenever I shut off the engine, the manual clock does not work and none of the interior lights do work. This all happened at once and is constant. The air conditioner starts at 75 whenever I restart, though I leave it set at 65. No diagnostic codes. Any idea where I begin. No one seems able to identify the problem.
Trip odometer, dash clock, interior dome lights, head lamp relay, gear shift lights, auto seat adjustment all stopped working at the same time. Also, when I turn on my engine the air conditioner always comes on set at 75 no matter what setting I last turned it to. I have no way to tell, so I wonder if the air bags also are affected.
Brand new computer just got put in my 02 qx4. We had to replace the battery from it sitting for so long. Now that we have a brand new battery, if we don't drive it every day, the battery dies. Brand new battery...bad alternator? What else could it be? Wires to the battery were jist cleaned so it has a good connection
I can chose between Auto 2WD or 4WD. I use 2WD but am not sure if that is the best setting for in town driving. And what is the best setting for the freeway?
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