2001 Infiniti QX4 Questions

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Everytime I turn the key the ignition fuse blow
Tell me how to reset the security system .
Won't start ,cranks .code p0505 comes up.
Will crank and run but dosent run for long check engine light goes on and off stalls up hill you can hear a popping noise around the air box when hitting the accelerator I replaced the cattalic converters the first sign of trouble was the car running slugish and the exhaust was glowing red
Will not stay cranked dies out when hitting accelerator acts like transmission is not shifting correctly sluggish going up hill when the problem started the exhaust was glowing red hot
In idle battery light came on and after 20 min engine died and all dashboard lights went out
I would like to what could It possibly be?
I have a 2001 Infiniti QX4 and the Oil temperature light flashes when I turn on the truck what does that mean?
looked over and tightened all drive train and rear struts shocks and exc. While doing so I see a level switch attached to the truck&rear-end but a can't figure out the how (no obvious air ride ) bags or on off switch.
Security System works, but Horn doesn't Beep when Set! Has happened before, simple fix, no Charge, but can't remember how to reset
It happens when I drive a high speed like on a freeway.
I was told that it could be trailing arms on the rear side but I wanted to make sure before I get it replaced.
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