2000 Infiniti QX4 Questions

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How do you reset the security system on a 2000 finity QX4
What seems to make the problem better or worse? No
How long have you had this problem? Week
Won't start its like the switch won't tell the car to start
Idkes in park 900 rpm drops to 600 while in gear and brake depressed and a/c on
My car ran great before the water pump & timing belt was installed. It still runs good, but when you first start it, it feels like it's running rough, and the car shakes a little sometimes, but you can't feel the miss when your driving on the freeway. Can someone please tell me what the problem might be? My son thinks it might be the vacuum line? Will I have to have the water pump and timing belt taken back off to find what the problem is? I'd appreciate any advise from someone who knows about the Infiniti QX4, thanks!
My speedometer does not work, it previously worked. All other gauges (tach, fuel, etc) work fine. Have checked fuses, connection in dash. What else can I do?
It just started this win pushing gass pedal the engine will go up to 2000 rpm and then loos fire or loos fuel and idle down picks back up at about 1500 rpm and does the over and over
is causing this code ?
I just changed the gear selector light,interior lights now do not work if my headlights are on. Any idea why?
I have replaced 2 cats 3 O2 sensors
I had my brake pads and rotors resurfaced 6 months ago. Over the last month there was a horrible vibration noticable in the steering wheel when braking. Took the car back and they said the rotors needed to be turned again. Got the car back and it made a lot of wierd grinding/popping noises from front left wheel area. Took back they said when they assembled the wheel it was off by 1/16-1/4 of an inch. Since that time (one week ago), The car is not shifting into overdrive right (seems to be a delay and a lunge), there is a rattling noise which appears to be coming from the drive shaft (?) and the frequency of the car is off, most noticable after 40 mph. The car is a 2 wheel drive. Using the shifting lever, I can put it into automatic 4 wheel drive, permanent four wheel drive high, and permanent four wheel drive low. In the past, when I use four wheel drive (auto or permanent) it sounds lounder. It is currently sounding lounder since I got the car back after the repair of the incorrect wheel/brake re-install. Is it possible that when they fixed their mistake they put the left front wheel in overdrive and leaving the others out of four wheel drive? I don't know what the problem is, but I have had 4th gear (overdrive) transmission issues, drive train/shaft noises, and frequency noises since the brake/wheel was put back after turning the rotar. Does any of these problems have anything to do with the wheel/brake being re-installed incorrectly? Could the incorrect installation of the whee/brake after turning the rotor cause problems with the transmission? I also had the stabilizer bar links replaced but I don't think this has anything to do with the other problems.
First time today..went to release the gas door to put fuel in and button would not open door. Dealership can't figure out what the problem is. Is there another way to open door without using the release button, if not why?
My Infiniti has about 100k miles and needs a new timing belt soon. How much should I expect to pay for a new belt?
While driving on a road trip 70 mph on highway, tachometer jumped to 4, revved for several seconds, then dropped back to 2. This continued for 2 hours til end of trip. May be slow sensor? Wire?????
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