1999 Infiniti QX4 Questions

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My truck (1999 Infiniti qx4) was making a clicking noise but now it stopped and the key won’t turn over and I have gas in the truck. I tried giving it a jump but it still didn’t turn on. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with it?
I've been seeing any of the 2001 to 2004 steering wheels fit any other of those same years but, not the 1999 despite the fact that it's the same model and looks identical. Can't understand why there would have been such a change in the steering wheel that would prevent it from working.
Sounds like something is loose inside steering wheel and horn wont stop
Stalls intermittent. Like running out of gas.. Smell ordor
Was driving my truck and a started to bog out. It died then it started again. Drove around just idle in drive for a bit. Pushed the gas petal and it died out. Now it won't start. Fuel filter is good. Fuel pump is working I guess. I can hear it come on. Please help
With acceleration my 99 infiniti QX4 will make a loud metal rattling sound from under the center front of the car. My best guess is the converter box? Any help pretty please?
i have compared with other 3.3L engines and mine uses more gas/petrol for equal distance covered.
when accelerating from 50 mph to 70 mph the body rocks sideways, from right to left.
Why doesn't my heater/AC work?....Blower motors aren't switching on, and I checked most of my fuses and relays pertaining to the
Coinciding parts.....I can hear AC clutch click on and off but no air blowing into dash vents .any potential troubleshooting solutions anyone?
I have a salvaged 1999 or 2000 is registered,and legal, been a good truck, but the AC has never worked. I bought Freon to service myself, but then discover the blower motors not coming on at all....I checked all relays and fuses, what next?
It fires but won't start
observed that my car does not accelerate fast especially when climbing hill.
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