1998 Infiniti QX4 Questions

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I own an1998 infiniti qx4 .car works great but lately when I stop at a light it will idle rough then normal also sometimes when you accelerate it will go lazy then speeds up.I recently changed the water pump and the valve cover seals.Someone told me that the mass airflow sensor may need to be cleaned.please let me know what you think.
My 1998 Infiniti QX4 has about 160000 miles on it. When driving at about 70 mph for a sustained period, maybe an hour or more, sometimes the rpms jump up about 1000 rpm for a few seconds then drops down. This is very intermittent. This is not when going up an incline, this is on flat level ground. I wonder if the overdrive is kicking in and out. I've taken it to three Infiniti dealers and they have no idea.
Okay I replace the alternator I've had it tested and since I replaced that I replace the battery I cannot get the car to stay charged once the battery runs out of charge that's it it dies every time I've replace the alternator three times I have no clue the car runs fine till the battery died.
Had starter checked its ok.... What could be problem that 1998 infinity qx4 want crank turn key on all daah lights come on but it want crank.. Chkeckes starter fuse also its on good condition
I was told that the timing belt most likely broke a tooth because a distributor is not supposed to turn this much. Is this true?
I keep hearing a ticking sounds
I need to check the oil but I can't find an oil stick
We have checked the fuel filter. Not sure if it is the fuel pump since it starts fine. What could the problem be?
Replaced fuel pump, filter and relay. Checked distributor but plugs are getting spark.
my clock doesn't have the right time on it and I can't figure out what I need to press to change it
I would like the horn to beep when I use the key fob for locking doors. The lights flash twice. The panic button works fine.
Replaced alternator. Couldn't get it to boost off. When trying a different battery, it was installed wrong. Blew fuses/ replaced them. Still won't start. And trying to boost it off blows main fuse again.
clicking noise under the hood from fuse box. any information would help tremendously. thank you
Can't find it at all please help
Before it quite if I was at a red light it was hot if I was going fast it would work
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