2004 Infiniti Q45 Questions

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I contacted a towing facility and he opened the door. The alarm starting going off and it shut the cars computer down and the manual trunk release will not open the door. Is there a way in the trunk from the back seat. We have tried but there is a control panel when I open the center part.
Any advise would be appreciated.
car will start fine most of the time then other times it takes multiple + try's to get it to start.
I can barely do 8 sec from 0 to 60, i checked air intake, all exhaust, sparks, coils, what else should i check? also the gearbox is feeling stupid, should i replace driveplate or clutch or is it fuel pump as it says here it's common
What are typical repairs for this vehicle and are the repairs above among them? I am asking because a muffler repair shop stated the car has a leak further up toward the engine and referred me to a engine specialist. I need an estimate for potential repair costs. Thanks
The clock light is out and i cant find the fuse to check if that is the problem
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