2002 Infiniti Q45 Questions

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I've gotten the cam and crank sensors replaced. I also bought a new alternator. Its still cutting off. I was in the interstate driving about 55 and the car just shut off. I was waiting and the light and no reason the car shut off. It will crank again but I had to sit for over an hr. Please help!!
And injector so I took it to the shop now They say the engine wiring harness needs to be replaced because it's not sending a signal to cylinder 2
After playing with the ignition a few seconds it will finally start. Just happens every so often and seems to be tied in with radio and seat controls. Electrical?
I ws toldthe Audio Board needs to be Rebuilt or Replaced. 3 Week project! Who can work on this?
Repair shop has changed both Low coast brake solienoid and valve harness, problem returned after 5 days of use. Repair shop owner seems clueless, all he wants is more money to find problem. What is the correct fix for this problem?

Thank you
where is the interior fuse box for the sun roof.
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