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My fuel Gage is stuck at 1/4 tank and I want to check the fuse but I don't know which one it is because it doesn't indicate a fuse for the Gage, please show me the location of the fuse so I can change it to eleminat the easiest solution. Thanks
I have heat and/or a/c only thru a/c vents. Nothing thru vents at feet or defroster vents.
because i have changed all o2 sensors, egr valve, changed plugs & coil packs plus pcv valve and maf sensor. Car still shakes and stalls...been using premium gas since i purchased three years ago.
My car shakes a lot and I can smell the fumes and it shakes like it wants to shut off
changed throttle positioning sensor because that's what diagnostic said was a problem but still made no difference and check engine light is still on. what could it be?
the temp gauge is above hot
fdgcxbvc ghbfdcvbc
I Replaced the pump and it still does it. I have also replaced the tensioner
Sometimes when I turn the key nothing happens. I have to wiggle the gear shift then it will start. The dealer says it must be in failure mode for them to diagnose the problem.
Brake light came on but went off within a minite
Says need dealer to flash ecm. Dealer says 1999 model is too old for their software??Anyone other than dealer can help?
after changing the battery the horn wont stop
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