1998 Infiniti Q45 Questions

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I have to replace struts rotors brake pads front end
after replacing alternator the lights go dim when starting car?
The drivers side key unlock door wont let the key unlock it but the passengers side door will, but when i do the alarm goes off and it wont stop even after i put the key into the ignition and i can start it up and drive it down the road with the lights flashing and the horn going off. How fo i make it stop and disable the alarm?
So my car will only start when its cold, if the car is warm the car wont crank but the fule pump and alternator fires but nothing else. So i figure it ls the main relay now i can get to it is there any tips on how to access it
fully loaded,no cosmetic problems
no check engine light. Does this more when warmed up. Also comming out of overdrine helps.
My husband cut three wires taking out the antenna, then noticed seat memory gone, then the clock only works when car running, the security light went solid and after a couple of weeks on its last mile or less I did hear clicking (think just brakes but never heard before) then after eating out and trying to go home it would not start. Wants to but just will not. Reconnected the antenna wires, checked keys, not sure what else to do. Something with security system? Help!
I changed the headlights today and drove the car home fine. I just tried to get back into it and no power is running through it at all. I can even pop the hood because that is electrical as well. The interior lights won't even come on. Please help!
Took my car to same car wash.1 time car didnt start then after a couple hours it started.2 time doing same thing.same exact thing.
Is getting spark & fuel.
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