1997 Infiniti Q45 Questions

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My Infiniti q45 just went out , it’ll start up but the kill after , I changed my coils cause there was a really bad misfire when in low RPM but that didn’t fix the problem , Then I checked my spark plugs but also didn’t change my outcome . I connected a scanner and it shorted out the scanner . The check engine light came on a few weeks ago then went away but now came on for about three days , then went off one night , then back on again , but when the car died there was no lights on the dash . The car will die when the AC is on but not when off . I’m at a complete loss here , I’ve also checked for a hose leak but nothing was leaking . I officially don’t know what to do this is my daily comuter and can’t afford to buy another car .
No power when on, belt shredded, how to replace belt
The key ignition switch will not turn to start the engine
New fuel pump and still not crank
The car want crank and was accelerating bad n shutting off
The battery has been replaced as well as the starter, fuel pump and fuel pump modulator on my 1997 Infiniti Q45. But my car still only cranks but it won't start, just acts like it wants to. I've also tested the relays as well. The only codes that pulled up was for the modulator and a knock sensor code. Which way do I go now, I'm kind of at a loss.
Changed fuel pump, crank sensor, fuel pump control module. I could crank over and over but wouldnt stay running now I cant try cranking more than once it acts like battery is dead after the first cank.
Fuel light stays on constantly
Has a new battery and still cranks but won't start and has no rpm movement. Checked for spark on one of the coils and have no spark, i also checked the fuel pump modulator and it tested good. The fuel pump turns on when trying to crank the car up, but still won't start at all. Any suggestions as which way to go next. Also codes for the Knock Sensor and Fuel Pump Control Module pops up. Thx-
Because they need changing
Changed all ignition coils and plugs, but idle's rough and will hesitate big time 45-55 accleration. Timing chain so says don't mess with that? ..(i have 200k miles)...whats next? Is there a timing adjustment I could perform or is that a complete new chain, (2K?)...thanks for any help...Bam
Can start put turns over but wont start can i by pass the styem
side door relaese works , key works , but still locked
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