1996 Infiniti Q45 Questions

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I got a new fuel pump put in my car , my car started but it eventually went dead
I see different fuel pump listed as an intake universal electricaL and ect.
How do I replace them
I have replaced the mass airflow sensor and the camshaft sensor
i bought my very first car in December of 2012 it just so happened to b a 96 q45!! gosh i love my car i wont give it up for anything!! but when i bought it the guy told me it needed a drivers side front turn signal lamp! i thought o no big deal...well i need to get it fixed but i dont know where to take my car to get the part ordered and put on. im in logansport indiana... any advice?
Car is bucking and sometimes feels like it is going to cut off
Odometer stopped working: what is location of the wires for reconnection?
Is there some relay to checkif so where would it be
Hi folks just a quick question...I'm wondering where the Thermostat is located on my 96 q45 so I can replace it...I've noticed my heat gauge climbing after long idle or driving at low speed as well as the heat only blowing at full capacity when the vehicle is in motion the fan works...I'm thinking the thermostat may be sticking. Please shed some light...Thanks
my infinity q45 when u drive it has a scrubbing sound coming from the rear end
hi my infinity q45 heat is not blowing out but the air works perfect any advice
My heater core is clog so i'm not getting any heat. How much should it cost to repair it for part and labor?
Does this car have alot of issues or should I snatch it up. I heard about the gas mileage, but I really like it, but dont want a huge headache. Please give me some feed back. Thanks
When are you suppose change the timing chain or are you? 138k
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