1994 Infiniti Q45 Questions

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I'm trying to figure out why my ABS, TCS, and Slip lights are coming on, and occasionally the check engine light without going to a dealer
1994 q45a when i change auto to manual and select the different speeds the noise increases more and more
After the power steering belt busted while driving u overheated . Git it tow home car was still starting but when I replaced it the car wouldn't start? I put in new starter checked all fuses flushed the radiator checked timing belt ..but u can't find spark plugs where are the spark plugs lo located?
Had battery changed recently worked fine for about a month. Sat in garage for a few days and wouldn't start. Went back to shop where battery purchased; recharged and alternator is fine. After a few days would not start, went back, recharged, alternator fine. About three days later same thing happened. Could it be an electrical or switch problem?
Nothing wrong car runs beutiful but oil light remains on
Jump didn't work.. I drove two days with new battery.
it was running fine then it shut off at a stop sign it started up when i shot fuel in air hose into carb
I recently had a new water pump and thermostat installed, thought maybe it was just air in the system or low coolant. I keep topping off the radiator but need a sure way to make sure all air is out of system.
Would like to have working trac control unless it's very involved or expensive to get working again. Bad trac off switch, bad sensor? Any way to have these checked? Thanks. I bought the car this way so don't know under what condition it failed from. Car has 138k on it running well and strong.
idling problems , stalling when i stop at a red light, i cleaned throttle body, and maf sensor, thru the FSM for my particular car added fuel treatment from dealership bg44k i think it was, ran better for a little while but now idle is worse and stalls at red lights , the connector to the maf cracked but i think its still making the connection, any ideas where to look next? also did self diagnosis for tranny shifting hard and it cam back as revolution sensor is this a difficult replacement or is it not worth trying , i love this car and would hate to give up on it but unfortunately i dont have an unlimited bank account, appreciate any feedback
my 94 infin q45 has a leak near the rear of the engine. are there hoses or seals in the rear? pls help.
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