1992 Infiniti Q45 Questions

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I added R-134 because the A/C system was blowing cool air rather than cold air . My gauge was broken and I may have over filled the system. Now all that is blowing is engine temperature air. It’s hot inside the car even when the tempered air is off .
All brake lights stay on.
I was driving to a friends house when my vehicle shut off without warning. I tried to restart, it did then shut off immediately. and wiil not start not what happened?
It shake mildly at idle can someone help me with my car please
It looks blown the plastic cover for the fuse is broke and the fuse look burnt my car starts but after a few minutes it cuts off i replace battery,fuel filter and alternator.
When I am going up hills the car pulls and slows down to about 20mph then if I press the gas to try to make it go it starts trying to die out. Starting off from park to drive the car is very slow until it picks up speed. Now it is so bad it will bearly go then it wants to die out.
Where is the fuel pump located?
it was really hot one day and the car just died.....wouldnt start back up. so i let it sit over night and the next day started up. did this a couple times. the last time it did this and started next day very sluggish. then it would start and stall. then i would give it gas and it would stall. if i gave it gas very slowly i could get the rpms back up but if i hit the gas normally it would stall. now it wont start at all. i need help.....
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