1991 Infiniti Q45 Questions

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Car has an annoying habit of cutting off at it's leisure. Restarts immediately. then at times i can go a few days with no problems. do you have any suggestions to help relinquish this problem?
car wont start or crank
When turning the key car doesn't start at all, no sound or anything.
i dont know the correct gap size .
the comp. display not working.
all fuses and fuseable links seem good, is there a hidden fuse panel somewhere?
Lost Only Original Key,purchased a used(Ignition w/ Key),Alarm cant be disabled,because Original Door/Ignition Key is missing. whats my best option ?
What is the least expensive amount I can pay for a major tune-up?
I didn't pass smof test and it has to do with emissions. I push gas pedal and car doesn't want to go the way it normally should it gets stuck like as if somethings clogging up in there
turn signal doesnt work.
I checked the 15 amp fuse , its good , i put the test light into the fuel pump , no voltage ,what could it be ? could it be the relay ? & if so where is the relay . what other options could i check into.
theres no power going into to the fuel pump ,could it be the relay , also the fuel pump is working , the 15 amp fuse is good , and where is the relay located at? what else can i check? the car cranks up every morning for a slight second.
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