2007 Infiniti M45 Questions

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Now I am told fuel pump is burning out the starter relay. Car still drives but sporidaclly will take awhile starting up. Please advise. Now trying spend money for a fuel pump and don't really need it
When i start driving my car keeps going into auto theft mode
When i select gears my car feels like it slams into the certain gear. And when i shift from park to reverse the car sometimes makes a really loud clunking noise. Could this be because of low fluid?
86,500 miles on her. I know there is also some suspension work that needs to be done but that's in the rear.
Whenever i shift from Park to Reverse or Drive i hear a clunking noise from the left rear wheel area. This noise also can be heard when moving from a stop and some times when driving. Whenever i go over bumps i don't hear it. Any ideas? Can it be axel damage?
Is it alternator?
I bought a new battery because I thought the car was dead. Put it in and the car actually started up. The security light was on and I noticed my headlights were on last night so I went and turned them off. The car had been unlocked so I think someone tried to steal it. Anyway when I went back out after changing the battery it wouldn't start and all of the power was on in the car. How do I fix this problem?
Has anyone experienced a titling to the right of the driver seat such that the top portion rubs against the side of the console as you move the driver seat backward or forward?
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