2007 Infiniti M35 Questions

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I replaced the blower motor but need to replace the resistor also but can't find the location
Clunking noise while driving . Probably bad u joint. Do I have to replace drive shaft or just the u joint?
I was backing up with my door open and bent my drivers door too far the wrong way. How and what do I need to fix it.
There has been a large crack in my dashboard that runs along the arch above the main instrument panel for several years, but because it's behind the steering wheel, It's not noticeable and hasn't bothered me much. In the last year or two, several smaller cracks on the passenger side have appeared as well as a small gouge on the corner. It looks terrible. My daughters Mazda dashboard was recently recalled for this problem but I haven't been able to find anything from Infinity or Nissan. I love my car and don't want to get rid of it.
I put in Premium gas the other day when I was real low in my tank and about 5 minutes after I left the gas station the Check Engine Soon light came on. As I was pullling out of the street i was on I pressed the gas and the car didnt seem to pick up like it usually does. Since then the RPMs are going really high and the speed isnt picking up. I cant travel on the freeway or at a speed of 60 or more and it seems like the car just isnt recognizing that it needs to change gears. what could this be??? all the mechanics want to charge over $150 just to determine what the problem is.
Automatic transmission shifts fine, however the overdrive component will not shut off. No issues w/low or high speeds.
I thought the middle 60W-halogen headlight was out, I know the outside xenon is function. Today I had a green light indicator come up on my dah. Can not find in manuel what it is...
I have a broken lock on the console and I would like to have it fixed. The dealership said that the entire console would have to be replaced. The price was $400.00. Is there a way to just replace the lock without having to replace the entire console? Thank you.
first time this happened I just had car shipped by trailer from New England, my friend took receipt and drove it to my house, it appears to be all locked up and no response to anything I tried. thanks any help will be appreciated
When driving on highway my RPMs bounce right above 3 while doing 80mph in what seems to be 5th gear. If I accelerate passed 80mph the RPMs also accelerate and sound as if it's stuck on or skipping a gear. Then when I decelerate, more often from slower speeds in the city, it has a harsh downshift between some gears. Not sure which gears or the consistency since this just started within the last month or so. I never had this issue in the 3 years I've been driving.
flush fluids,spark plugs n wires,belts etc.
If I say "dial home" it replies "dial 0" I can still dial by number but it doesn't recognize words. The GPS VR works fine. My dealer says that I need a $3,600 part "control assembly". Can this be right? (started happening at 90k miles).
It has been inconsistently not adjusting the seat and steering wheel when I start it. Often I have to manually drop the column down as well as move my seat forward. I use the same key fab and replaced the battery. The dealership could not get it to replacate. I am frustrated because it was getting worse and my warrenty is almost up. Is this a prob or was it my key fab?
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