1992 Infiniti M30 Questions

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The electric windows, both, will not go down. All other electrics in car work
Should not the damaged seals have been identified in one of these repairs above l spent almost a 1000.00 and still have oil leak
transmission is not shifting and anti- lock brake light is on. Happened all at once. was working fine, next time went to start problem was there. overdrive light also don't work now. Also automatic transmission starts off in 3rd gear
I have a low beam headlamp only on the passenger side and a high beam headlamp only on the drivers side. I have checked everything I can think of. Good ground. red wire to the headlight bulb shows small amount of current on tester, but lights will not burn. I replaced bulbs.
steering issue, when turning you have to turn the wheel about a quarter turn before the car actually starts turning.
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