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Car runs like shit
Can I just change the rear shocks or are they struts? And is it difficult to do?
I locked my doors for the first time2 weeks ago opened the driver door i didnt lock it but the others car alarm starts going off wont stop won't start
My 98 J30 overheated and now won't start it's got spark it wines and won't fite
Trouble cranking but it eventually got started. After my ABS light and seat belt light came on and i had my seatbelt on. When the lights came on it caused my radio to loose sound but even still my car was running fine. No jerks good no stalls nothing. Now today everything turns on in my car but it wont turn over. It has a rapid click when i try to start it.
When I apply the breaks the radio cuts off the speedometer drops to 0 the lights dim and the abs light comes on and resently its caused the car to stall and has drained the battery is this due toa short and where do I start to find it ?
She parked it the other day and now it won't start. The battery has been giving her trouble because the interior lights are repeatedly left on :-<. When the key is inserted and turned to on, the fuel pump comes on and after a few seconds shuts off. The car turns over strong. I tried spraying starting fluid at the air filter, and it does not fire. She said she saw an AT light on the cluster and that she thinks it is Anti Theft.
Any thoughts?
Where or what website is the best place to find headlight assembly, fan assembly, and a hood. I believe I need a radiator brace also front bumper and grille. I had a front end accident and just having a little trouble finding parts.
This stalling problem has been happening allot. I have parked the car to figure out why. I had an oil change last week and had it inspected. I was told the left catalytic convertor was leaking and would need replacing soon. I have been looking at parts online and found 2.

One does not have an oxygen sensor port, this convertor would match my needs if I don't need the oxygen sensor port according to the autoparts store online. I would also have to buy the gaskets at $10 each. I just don't know if this car needs an oxygen sensor or not. The parts would be less than $200.

The second part has everything and is $262 for the part. My mechanic said he would replace the part for a shop hour at $99 plus tax.

Does the symptom of stalling out, going a short distance and stalling out again...sound like a catalytic convertor issue or something else?

Thank you,

Joy from Florida
At first my stereo would cut in and out on my speakers, I could only hear it on driver front. If I kind of pressed on the face plate of stereo and hold a little pressure on it with my finger, it would come back on for a second or so. Then sometimes if i hit a bump in road it would just shut off, and i would just have to push power button again. Then it stopped powering on even when my antena was up, now i get nothing at all, no antena goes up either, i already checked all my fuses.What is the problem please?
If abs automatically shuts power off to the actuator when its malfunctioning, why do I hear something buzzing or like a motor running when my keys are out of my ignition? My batter keeps going dead because of it and I have to keep taking my battery cables off everytime just so I dont have dead battery. How do i fix this problem?
Have had 2 different mechanics look at this car and neither has been able to find the problem. Car stopped running and wouldn't start back up. 1st mechanic looked at it and said it was the cam sensor, put it in but it wouldn't start. Then checked the timing chain, fuses, compression and then he checked the ecm to no avail. Then suggested that i have someone else look at it. Took his suggestion and the next mechanic said it was the crank sensor but that did not fix the problem. He then said it was a short, then it was the Computer in the car and then he still couldn't get ti started. So know i have a car in the driveway that won't start and i need help in trying to figure out what it might be or if the mechanics here in my town are really full of crap and i have been taken. I do know that the car still is getting no spark to start the car, any idea's out there ???
Car was running, stopped, will crank over and sounds really fast cranking, but won't start. Had a mechanic look at it,Said that it wasn't the timing belt, replaced the crank sensor but still won't start. Going to try the ECM next, but does anyone have any better ideas on what it might be ??
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