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Fixed exhaust leaks in manifold pipes, but ticking is loud and worse under car. Very pronounced at idle. Revving engine seems to smooth the noise even with slight increase to rpms. Acceleration is strong but the cabin noise is more like a big truck has that feel like its all engine shaking down the car. Could a cracked exhaust manifold be the issue?
I lost the keys to my 1996 Infiniti J30, and am being asked for the key code in order to make a replacement key for it. I looked in the owners manual and there is no key code written in there, all it says is that the code is written on a "key plate" that would have been given with the original set of keys, & to keep said plate in a safe place. Seeing as it had been almost 20 years and I'm not the original owner, I do not have access to this supposed "key plate". Is there another way to find this key code for my car?
just had the check engine light took off cause of a code on there p0443 but now its still shuts off what could that be i had the part fixed thought i wont lose power any more
having problems shifting gear into drive from park. the car
shifter button jams. after many tries it shifts but after many tries, however other times I get in the car and it shifts with no problem.

my car will not start i have change the knock sensor o2sensor new battery new fuel pump
The passenger side door is shut and not operating either manually or electronically. The lock moves but electronically jams back to lock position again. Also, the radio is not working. Not sure if it is related electrical problem or independent problem.
driving on the hiway 60 65 the car will drop speed like theres thers no gas coming through the carb but if you pump the gas it comes back does not happen all the time i have noticed it happens when tank is low my other problem is the tack it jumps then it goes to the right rpm then jumps again could it be a short or ? and how can i fix either problems or check for
where is the fuel filter located on a 1996 j30 infiniti
Air compressor is fine, but Clutch is worn out
& engage the compressor. Can the clutch be
replaced w/o replacing entire unit?

Thank you
My car started jerking, missing, and smoking from the tailpipe, ut when I came to a stop it act as if it wanted to cut off, so I would give it gas so it wouldn't cut off and it would run afterwards. Could you please give me some insight on whats going on with my car. Thanks
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