1994 Infiniti J30 Questions

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Its not the motor its in wiring some were
When the car is off the ground, and I push the brake pedal down the front brakes will work the rear wheels will continue to turn
Recently stolen but got it back . they hit the curb with the rear tire. Fuel pump cut off switch or anti theft syste??
I've been driving the car for 2 or more years now I do my best to keep it maintained but I can't figure this out and don't have the money to take it to the shop.. so is this a sensor or my transmission? I checked all my fuses and I have transmission fluid in my car.
It all started with my dash lights not working and like a week later my car will start for like 1 sec then it will cut off ... As soon as I start I would press the gas and it was stay on until I let go of the gas
First time it happened, has a buzzing sound behind center of dash board
Was told it is the mass air flow sensor would that stop me from acceleration?
car has been running fine until yesterday. I stopped to clean the car out & when I got in to leave the car wouldn't crank. It started making a clicking noise in the dash area that was something new to me because it has never done it before & the headlights started flashing. The lights in the inside all come on but when I turn the ignition to start the car out sayings nothing. Can someone please advise me on what I should do!
I smelled some gas under the hood.I changed the spark plugs.
Parking lights go on by themselves and stay on for a few minutes, horn turns on by itself but will stop after a minute
and other electrical features such as interior lights don't work and the remote door opener doesn't operate. Anyone have
any idea what may be happening?
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