1993 Infiniti J30 Questions

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changed fuel filter, cars runs good with ac off but turn ac on and it cuts out
I want to now how to remove back seat infinity 1993
My gears started jumping third gear won't. Work keeps skipping I'm afraid it could be a transmission problem but if anyone has a similar problem would like to know could use the help.
Attempting to find, remove unit and/or read codes on ECU. Engine smog test was fine. Parked for two months. Restart makes rough run, smokes, no power and oil press light on. Plenty of oil in car. Replaced Plugs and power control unit. Coils are fine.
My car has locked me out again. Key wont work. Is a certain key turning code to unlock it. Please email or call me asap. 530-249-0524.
I think there might be some code way to turn the keey to unlock the door. It has licked me out and I cannot get in. Thank u.
Car will drive 10 feet then no longer shift.
For a second consecutive time the water pump has broken just after being replaced. It was a new one.
put key i n try to start all lights and stuff come on but will not start good battery good alternator new water pump fully gassed up.
now my car isn't starting all the way a friend of mine told us to leave the key on for a minute so that the gas can get into the filter but we done that nothing is happening, can't even give it any gas when starting it up..WHAT CAN I DO?
car ran out of gas while moving. I was not exactly stopped when I inadvertently shifted to park. now it cranks over, there is fuel flow after the filter but no spark. HELP!!!
I'VE had several mechanics look at it, to me it's something electrical however, the last shop said 3 of the 6 injectors needed replacing. when at a traffic light it shakes, when I accelerate it hesitates for 15-20 sec then it gets up to speed. Can any relate to this problem. Also the radio dose not work and there is a constant drain on the battery, I've replace the battery for the last 3 years. help please
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