2003 Infiniti I35 Questions

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On cold mornings, sometimes the transmission is slow to engage. Otherwise, shifting is smooth and quiet.
No control of acceleration when the AC is turn on.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Not fix yet
How long have you had this problem? I just found out today. I just came back from 1 mo vacation .
I wish I know more to say about this code but I dont
Gauges work, but dashboard lights don't.
Had another key made bur they put the same chip in it, if it wouldn't start with that chip before tge key was made would it need to b reprogrammed infinity I30 not sure of the model #
when ever I do drive the car i usually just go at least 65mph .. ,but when i do go over 80mph it acts like it doesnt want to drive
I purchased headlight bulbs thinking that I could do the installation. I can't because the area not easy to access and the headlamp requires special handling.
Car won't turn over
Car isn't turning over but has plenty of gas
the engine in my Infiniti i35 started knocking started off slow has gotten progressively louder sounds like it's coming from the upper driver side part of the engine may be the middle doesn't sound like a stirring rod that thing would have done it alreadyis it common for this car and could it be the serpentine belt?
when driving at a low speed you hear noises from the tires can't tell if it's from the front or the rear. At a lower speed with foot off the gas. Rolling down hill you hear it louder. It almost sounds like something from the hubcaps but there's nothing in them.
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