2002 Infiniti I35 Questions

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Car was running fine, I start my car up this morning and I see TC light come on after about 5 min the AT light pops up

If there is a fuse where is it located

And it cuts off sometimes but start right back up just put crank sensors and camshaft senor and fuel pump and tune up and a ignition coal patch on

and reverse but when you push the gas it does not go, when in neutral the engine reves up but then in drive it goes but will not accelerate

Had this problem and my son would rock the car back and forth a bit and it would start. That is not working anymore.

my ac went out, my passenger sider front tire wall lining tore out and left a connector dangling cut with a blue cvonnector on it. ever since the ac blows hot.

Could it be the starter, battery or alternator.

Once in a while (happened 5-6 times in last 12 months) while driving, transmission slides to the neutral or 1st gear (I think), rpm increases but the car doesn’t accelerate (the transmission revs up rather than up shifting). I can’t go above 20 mph without my RPMs going out of control. When I manually put in the second gear, it doesn’t work either.
I have noticed that this has happened when the outside temperature was 80ºF or higher. It has never happened in the winter months.
When I stop the car for 20-25 minutes and start again it runs fine.

I have a 6-changer CD player. I have only ever loaded one CD at a time. It might play for a few minutes and then stops or skips. Doesn't Bose system have a lifetime warranty? If not any fixes?