2000 Infiniti I30 Questions

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I could not find the key to our I 30 this morning, so I used the spare key. The car refused to start (battery strong, kept turning over and over), and I tried a number of things (locking and unlocking door using key, removing the fuse for the security system, waiting and then replacing it). Nothing worked. Eventually, I found the other key and the car started right up. I would like to know what is required in order to use the spare key---otherwise, why do we have it? Thank You
I need to Kno how much it would cost me to have my Infiniti I30's engine be put back in correctly after it was removed to put a new transmission in everything is done except for a few different belts and engine the engine is in sideways and don't Kno how to fix this problem need to find a mechanic that is reasonable with his prices because I'm on a fixed income
Crank by door
move key and that time press the gas then car start, no gas presser no start?
why are the OBDII monitors not ready for smog check?
How do I extract it out when its snapped off?
Auto auction listed as structural damage. Dealer says it was a fender bender no visible signs of damage. Drives well. Should I buy?
this problem started after i had the oil changed. the shop cleared the codes and checked an o2 sensor. it had an o2 code bank 1 . was working fine before the oil change. i have used the shop for years but it has them stumped.
up in down in temperature
when I changing the coil out .. the rubber boot that covers the spark plug separated from the coil when trying to replace it. and where can I find ,buy or rent some really thin long needle nose plyers ???
While driving car will stall and sputter and also has an odor. Also black smoke out of exhaust. I recently have ran the car out of gas many times. Could this be part or all of the problem. Have replace mass air flow sensor and still has not helped. I would appreciate if someone could help me with this PLEASE THANK YOU, KIMMIE
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