1999 Infiniti I30 Questions

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Blows cool air when heater is on
Everything works but no heat
But it doesn't crank all the power seems to be lost and I repeat the process of moving the cables and power comes back on then as soon as I try starting the car it does nothing.
I have an infinity i30. My service light comes on and off all the time. I'm in a smog check zone and I can't pass smog with this on. How does knock sensors affect my smog check?
The car sounds like it's about to turn over but doesn't. My son drives the car and is the only one who has the "magic touch" to start it. The dealership from which it was purchased has looked at it and "supposedly" fixed it, but the repair didn't last. Is it possible that it needs a new starter? I've read the check engine light is a common problem. What to do?
Issues with clicking near kick panel fuse box when car is running. The clicking seems to kill or draw power with each click.
Has 90,000 miles I have a 99 Infiniti I30
Driving home abs, air bag and maybe a few others lights all came on , huge loss of power. Then it started idling funny . It died and the battery went dead. Tried it a little later ran normal for a minute then same problem.
My car has been sitting for about 2 years and no shop or mechanic has been able to fix it...stating the car needs a special cord to do the diagnostic...even the Nissan dealership/shop that said I would have to take my car an hour drive to the Infiniti shop which isn't an option
and now the cruise control does not work
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