1997 Infiniti I30 Questions

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I’m trying to replace the bulb for my brake lights but can’t find out where it is or how to remove it on my 1997 infinity j30
Blows cool air when heater is on
changed the oil and filter, need to reset the light
Is there something wrong with the fuses maybe
How much Will it cost?
ive checked fuses connections
I can jump start but when I turn the key off and try to start it every thing is dead
I cannot locate the air flow sensor. Please help !
The code is p0110, which is "intake air tempoeratue circuiot malfunction. I cannot get my car smogged until service engine light is off.
Car was fine, then starter gave out. Got car towed back to home I changed the starter myself thanks to YouTube then check engine light comes on and car drives like absolute sh#t. Not shifting, sputtering, no torque. No mechanics can figure it out. Please somebody help me, here are all the codes : p0325, p0105, p0750 p0755, p1760, p0740 p0745,
Even when the vehicle is off and in neutral it wont budge.
Is it my tire end rods not straighten??
Everytime I start my car it doesn't always turn on. Sometimes after attempting to start the engine it immediately dies. So besides having to try multiple times, I've just been pressing on the gas just a little bit just to keep it on, any suggestions?
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