1996 Infiniti I30 Questions

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How long have you had this problem? A few days
Ever since suddenly dying one day all my car will do is click click click...
OBD2 shows no code; however, the car still shows Catalyst Not Ready. The car has been driven for more than 300 miles.
I just had filters replaced two weeks ago and still shutting off ....trying to smog car eont pass ...the tech said to drive car 50-60Miles since car has been sitting for about 2 years.
i dropped 3gs into my car as soon as i got the car off of the buy here pay here i was pissed but i got what i needed. now pep boys wont touch my car because my oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1 keeps going out but they failed to tell me my computer was not communicationg with my car right is thi a cheap fix or no? i also think i hve a short in my electricity i have to keep replacing my right brake light. i am also having issues with my running lights staying on when i hit the brake they go off but my brake lights go on is that part normal or no
Where you put the key at or for the cylinder
What could be the problem I just had a new fuel pump fuel filter full tank of gas and it drains my battery
My check engine light no longer illuminates, How do I fix this problem
My check engine light no longer illuminates, How do I fix this problem
Turn radio on and it shows all stations and controls. Will start to fade and then go totally blank. It is intermittent but worse lately, sometimes not showing at all from start. Radio and controls all work when this happens. Was wondering if there is control module or something that goes bad on these types?
My car would drain my battery overnite. I replaced the battery and it still drained the battery. When I stopped at a stop sign it would sometimes die. I bought a code reader but before I could get beyond 2 codes the car battery died and now my car won't start and none of the electronics will come on. I have a fully charged battery. I checked the wiring for exposed wiring or loose connections. Seems fine. I thought it might be my 140 amp fusible link for the battery or the 75 amp battery fuse. I could not get either out to do a full check of the fuse. The only other cause I can think of is the ECU. I don't want to start buying parts so I am looking for any help. Or do I have a dead car on my hands that is just junk. Thanks for any advice.
I have a '96 infiniti i30 the brake and battery light came on yesterday afternoon, I have a new battery and a new replaced alternator, what else could be the problem? Your answer will truly be appreciated
Took it to a shop - no can tell me what's wrong -help
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