2012 Infiniti G37 Questions

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Makes a loud noise when initially pulling off or turning.
My temperature reading on the dashboard reads 73 degrees. It is about 90 outside. I just had a new radiator installed. Is there anything that could have not been reconnected?
What can It be? and is it common in these cars? it is loud enough for me to hear and it bothers me I think other people from outside can hear too. if I put steering fluid it quiets it down some but then it needs every other month or so. Hope it is an inexpensive fix and nothing major.
It happens most of the time when half tank or less of gas I stop to fuel up car won't start or starts engine revs then dies takes a few tries finally it starts happening more now when car has warmed up
The car also smokes when you crank it pretty bad but only if it is a cold start, and when you drive it at the point the car reaches 2500 RPMs in any gear in manual and auto It stalls and drops back down to 2000 rpms and picks right back up?????HELP PLEASE Iit has not even reached 50000 miles yet.
Love this car..but frustrated with this brake noise. Every morning..very loud brake squeal..for several mins..They apply some lubricant or fix for about 2 days..Embarrassing when leaving parking lots or proceeding from house.(people turn heads) :) $40K car with brake issues...will probably get rid of the car because of this and the not so comfortable ride. g37S ..Any others with this said known issues on many models..well, fix it..Luxury car should not have this issue.
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