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Plus the cruise control does not work when lights come on..

Switch off - restart car - ok for 5 or 6 miles then all on again.

What is the issue?
When driving
This is one of the pumps that lifts and reclines the convertible top. They said that HEAT caused the problem. Really, in Southern California? Who'd expect it to get hot here. They want $4k to fix and I'm looking for options. I have a 3rd-party extended warranty, but it only covers electric motors for the top.
Brake light comes on and car shifts while driving it.
While driving on the highway all dash lights when off an on several times while the key light on the dash was lite, after 3 mins car died ( while on the highway) got it started after a few mins, did not shut it off . Took it right to the dealership where the car would not shut off. Now after 5 days there , their response to me is that nothing is wrong with the car lol but we did have to disconnect the fuel pump and battery to shut your car off . Any suggestions on this problem
Had to turn off & back on to close. Just happend yesterday. Wing still hanging inside trunk. "Trunk Open" sensor has been going off periodically in error as well as "Roof Operation" when it's really closed. Any ideas?
Nav screen is blk. Will not allow my radio to chng, blue tooth won't connect, cd will not come out, and im not able to do anything from the steering wheel as well. Please help
Front side Driver door doesn't open...lock mechanism works but door doesn't open from inside or outside. Sometimes...a few minutes pass and seems like door resets itself and not problem...other times stays locked whether you turn car on / off...anyone had anything similar?
I changed the battery in my car a month ago. Since then the door lock button does not work even though I have the key in my purse. I have had to use the key to unlock the door. Even then I have to keep pushing the button on the key to get the door opened. Also, my car beeps every few seconds for a while after I park it.
Doing more research, I found that there is a specific fluid for my car and I believe they used regular ATF. Between the huge leak and improper fluid, are they liable for repair costs?

the other day after a cruise, I was parking the car, it started to hint as if it was going to stall, when I put it in reverse it completely stalled as if you would stall a manual transmission.

I put it in P and turned in back on again, it ran, when I put it in D it would stall again.

I would have to put in N and build up the revs as if it was a manual and put it in D to at least get it rolling, when it rolled and I was moving the car would run normally, its not until it stops completely it would shut off.

the agency they said its a transmission problem and I need a complete overhaul for the tranny.

any ideas if its something minor? and fixable, and if its fixed would I still be able to drive the car normally afterwards or is it something major?
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