2008 Infiniti G37 Questions

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When manually shifting in DS mode the car goes back into D mode, and wont go back into DS mode.
Window doesn't roll down or up, tried the reset, replaced the motor, regulator. Still didn't fix the problem.

It will automatically roll up when car is in the "ON" position but that's only from the point when you open the door and it rolls down a inch.

Has anyone experienced this issue and can give some insight on what might be the issue.
Need pics of wires in harness on an 08 g37 going to cam position sensor bc I had to replace mine and the colors are different. Not sure if it's hooked up right. As well as the sensor by the brake booster under the brake cover it has a pressurized hose connected under it. If you can't submit pics tell me colors in order from left to right or bottom to top in the case of the cps sensor. Also anyone else have any issues or know where I can find accurate and detailed wiring diagrams for infiniti harness and service manual free preferably thank you........
hesitating, to the point it might not take off when making a left turn. It even seems to have trouble deciding which gear to be in. At 70MPH it seems to run smooth.. Sometimes idling north of 2000 RPMS. Service Engine soon light (not blinking) is on and so is the traction control light for anti-fishtailing.
Compressor clicks when being turned on

Prior to my problem a loud noise would only ne heard when turninng the a/c
Onto the on position
White smoke from the air vents when car was started. Stutter when started and loss of power from engine. Car would not go more than 20
Mph and struggled to get there. Never went over 2 thousand rpm.
Ive read the same issue on the FX models, my dash is crack in every corner.
Even if im not touching the remote goes off and it only does it some times none of the buttons does that accion all of them they make the alarm goes off the only way that i have to lock my car is locking the car from te inside of presing the bottom from the handle
Soon as I replaced it..touched bat terminal.. Blew again??
i haven't tried any thing
looking to purchase a used car and just want to get an idea
Acts like it wants to start..turns over but doesn't start
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