2005 Infiniti G35 Questions

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So there's a slow coolant leak about center rear of the engine block which drains the reservoir. And when the climate control is on, you can smell the coolant leak. Any idea on where to look for the leak? Or the source?
need to rev up the engine to red line to get car to move.
is this a transmission issue?
The tcm broke where the solenoid plugs in . It's a common problem . I found a 2004 re505r transmission. Will the tcm out of it work in the 05 re505r transmission . Or is it vehicle specific .
It feels like the car is really heavy and it's trying to take off then it feels like it catches on something then will start going, not like normal just a little faster. And if it doesn't catch I can barley push the accelerator and the revs go crazy but the car goes no where, it happens every time I drive it. And I think the radiator fan is broken it makes a lot of noises and there is a hose type thing connected to the engine and it has a rip in it its like styrofoam or weird bendy material
Hearing a rattle in 1st and 2nd gear really loud when car is being started in the morning. I've done research online and everyone is saying its the throw out bearing. How much does this cost for repair?
The car has lost a little bit of power and gas mileage is bad.
available and if not where could i purchase it
spark plugs, transmission flush
While driving my 2005 G35 I had intermittent episodes of ALL instrumentation panel lights and radio go off for a split second and came back up. (I see SLIP + VDC off and all those come up temporarily) then revs back up up normal...Car felt as if it was going to "stall" and "die" (This happened 4 times on a 20 minute drive home in traffic) Finally when I got home, I turned it on, left it idling for a while and the engine SHUT OFF, started back up and SHUT OFF again. This happened 4-5 warning lights come on prior to this...just shuts off! What can this be?
Recently (2 weeks ago) had the crankshaft and cam sensors replaced. Car ran ok. Car died out. Mechanic says getting CAN codes now U1000 & U10001. Any chance it has to do with how they replaced the sensors? Thanks.
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