2002 Infiniti G20 Questions

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I just need what sizes the bolts are so I change the driver door since it badly damaged .
2002 Infiniti G20 - 123000 miles
My car won`t start when the engine is warm.
I changed the oxygen Sensor, spark plugs and I`ve checked the car oil and it`s fine.
After I`ve been driving around for a while and stops the car (engine warm), and if I try to start the car after 1 min it won`t start. (In order to get it starts, I have to start the car with press a little gas paddle).
So therefore I ask you guys, what do you think causes the engine not to start when it`s warm? It`s very annoying.
When the engine is cold, it starts up right the way.

I did clean the throttle body and IAC, I still having the same problem as I described above.

Thanks ahead for answering my question.
The next day I drove it and try to put in drive the engine turned off
The dashboard light is quite dim.What is the reason for this? How can this issue be resolved?
i was just wondering if it can fit my g20 because they have the same shape and everything so can you please help me i don't want to purchase some and end up not fitting my car
I have an 02 infiniti g20 my dashboard isn't well lit and lately the speedometer light won't come on. The right side of the dashboard has light (the rpm) but the left side (speedometer) doesn't have light. The radio and ac lights and all the other lights are fine. Any inputs please?
Gas pump ok
Fuel stopping at injectors, no gas to cylinder.
Spark ok
I used a different key, engine turns over but will not start
Red security light comes on after 10sec. and stays steady after key has been inserted in ignition switch
I just need to know where is located can't find it
it just wont stay running
Just start dont have power and stall
P0105 code
My dashboard lights are out and also my tail lights are out. What could it be? i did replace the front small light bulbs but nothing seems to happen, All the gauges work its just the lights.
have spark at plugs and power at inj puls still will not fire,have fuel presser can start by priming intake with fuel
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